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Staff Uniform – How to Choose | Poole | Dorset

Staff uniforms are commonplace and are found in many settings from customer service departments to warehouses. A staff uniform makes good business sense.  They create a consistent professional image, one that customers instantly recognise and remember. A staff uniform customised with your business logo is seen by every customer and essentially advertises your business. In addition, uniforms benefit staff by making them feel part of the team and create a sense of identity.

Many businesses require their employees to wear a staff uniform and we at Aspire Work Clothing supply many companies in Poole and Dorset with uniforms. While staff uniforms are undoubtedly a positive asset for your business, we understand choosing the right uniform can be daunting. Here are a few tips and pointers to help you on your way …

1. Decide on a style of staff uniform:

When choosing a staff uniform it is important you create the right look for your business.  This could be a corporate look with a suit and shirt/blouse.  Or perhaps a more casual look created by a polo shirt teamed with smart trousers. Remember the style must reflect your business while still being practical as a staff uniform. This means practical for the job but also practical for your staff, both male and female.  It should also be suitable for all shapes and sizes.

You probably have a good idea of the image you want to create but if you need inspiration take a look at some of the combinations below …

2. Consider your staff needs when choosing a staff uniform:

It is important to consider whether your staff have any specific requirements to be able to perform their job adequately, safely and comfortably? It is probably best to ask them but some things to consider include:

  • Do they work in warmer temperatures?  If so, would a poloshirt with moisture management fabric provide greater comfort? The H475 Men’s CoolPlus® Polo Shirt is made from fabric which draws moisture away from the skin and therefore helps to keep the wearer cool and dry.  It also has excellent colour retention, is quick to dry and requires minimal ironing. It is available in a ladies fit, H476 Ladies CoolPlus® Polo Shirt

Staff Uniform H475 & H476 CoolPlus Polo Shirt

Staff Uniform Non Iron Shirts

  • Or do you have staff working outside and need high visibility clothing for their safety? If you do, a popular choice is the RS201 Hi Vis Motorway Vest. This vest conforms to the relevant high visibility standards (see our website for details). We can print or embroider this vest with your logo, a left chest embroidery and print on back is often chosen.

Staff Uniform RS201 Motorway Vest

As an employer you should ensure you meet the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations (1992). If you are unsure whether you need to provide PPE you can find out more via the Health and Safety Executive website, or view their brief guide to Personal Protective Equipment (contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0).

3. Consider your corporate colours when choosing your staff uniform

The colours you choose for your staff uniform need to complement your business and logo. Most importantly think about how your logo will look against the colour you choose. A strong contrast between your logo and the background tends to be the most effective, after all you want your logo to be seen clearly.  This may mean you need to change your logo to a mono – colour logo or reverse the colours of your logo. Take a look at our logo as an example.

Staff Uniform Aspire Logo Examples

Business logos can be embroidered or printed.  Whether print or embroidery is suitable depends on the logo and garment to be embellished.  If you are not sure whether your logo is suitable email us your logo at so we can give you specific advice regarding your logo.

Another aspect to consider is whether your staff will be comfortable and importantly confident in the colours you choose. If your corporate colours are bright orange and purple, although striking, will all your staff be comfortable wearing a bright orange polo shirt with a purple logo? Classic and popular choices for garment colours are navy, charcoal and black. These colours are popular because they are easy to accessorise and furthermore they are flattering for most people to wear.

4. Establish the range of clothing needed for your staff uniform:

You will probably need several types of clothing to cater for the different temperatures and seasons and even different departments within your business. The good news is there are ranges of clothing that colour co-ordinate across different styles allowing you to create a consistent staff uniform.

Russell’s ‘Made to Match’ range has 9 styles all available in the same colour.  The styles include T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Shirts/Blouses and Softshell Jackets.  There are 10 colours available.

Brook Taverner offers several corporate collections which co-ordinate both in colour and fabric.  This has the benefit of allowing you to offer some flexibility to your staff while still creating that consistent image.  Their Sophisicated Collection incorporates 19 pieces in a choice of up to 7 colours.  All items within this collection are machine washable and made from fabric with a Nano-tech stain-resistant finish.

5. Decide on quantities needed for your staff uniform:

There is no definitive quantity as wear will depend on the type of use and care individual garments receive. However, a useful starting point is a minimum of 2 jackets/jumpers, 3 trousers/skirts and 5 tops (shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts).  This quantity would be suitable for a full time member of staff.

The next step …

Now you will be ready to choose items and obtain quotes. Our website, shows our most popular products, please feel free to browse.  You can request a quote from our website or alternatively email us at

If you would prefer to talk to us or have any questions please call us on 01202 695757.

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