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Why are embroidered polo shirts popular with businesses in Dorset?

Having been in the work clothing industry in Dorset for over 10 years we have noticed that the classic embroidered polo shirts are as popular today as they were in the early 2000’s. In this blog I ask why businesses rate polo shirts as the number one item of clothing for their staff.

Smart and Professional Polo Shirts

We supply a wide range of businesses across different sectorH476 Ladies CoolPlus Polo Shirt, Henbury, Kelly Greens mainly in the Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding Dorset areas. We are regularly asked to quote and supply embroidered polo shirts. Business owners want their staff to look smart and professional whilst wearing something that is practical for their job. The embroidered polo shirt does exactly this. A lot of businesses who base themselves on industrial estates have warehouse staff or engineers. They often have physical jobs therefore need something comfortable yet smart to wear. Embroidered polo shirts with the company logo on the left chest are the perfect clothing item to achieve this requirement.

Types of Polo Shirts

There are many different types of polo shirts which means there is something for everyone. Polo shirts vary between a polyester/cotton mix for durability, 100% cotton for comfort or 100% cool tec material for breathability. The wide range of sizes (XS to 10XL) and colours (30 shades) means every company can find the right polo shirts for their staff and corporate image.


Getting the right embroidered polo shirts for the job

H475 Men's CoolPlus Polo Shirt, Henbury, YellowWhen looking for staff clothing it is important to get the image right. Staff need to be looking smart whilst feeling comfortable to perform a good job. We are finding the most popular polo shirt is the H475 Cool Plus Polo Shirt which is mainly due to its fantastic wicking ability and non ironing properties. Business owners find that it is both smart and durable therefore preventing the need to re order frequently.

Next time you search for embroidered polo shirts for your staff don’t just settle for any old polo shirt, talk to your clothing supplier about what is the best polo shirt for the environment your staff work in. If you get it right you will not only save money but you will also have happier and smarter staff.

If you have any questions about embroidered polo shirts then give please call Aspire Work Clothing on 01202 695757 or email Our website has an online catalogue for you to view more products,